About this Place

“The cards do something different when he plays them”

This statement, along with a few request to see more of my approach to Netrunner, is the impetus behind this blog.

I don’t feel like a particularly skilled Netrunner player. I make terrible judgment calls and reads in many games. I am awful at psi (at least as the corp), I get foiled by never-advance, I fail to check important naked remotes, I fall for every trap, and I can’t win a Mushin no Shin mini-game to save my life, but yet, I win games. I win games a lot. My point of view in this blog will be that you can build a strong deck, make solid in-game decisions, and ultimately win a game of Netrunner even when the poker-esque epistemic-luck factors and random access RNG fail you.

From one perspective I will actually be teaching a very abusive, reductionist approach to the game. I will often be dogmatic in my views and, while I will try to justify them most of the time, sometimes I will just ask you to trust me. Whether you do so or not is up to you. Hopefully you find this tone efficient or at least, if you disagree with me, humorous.

All I can say is follow me, and perhaps the cards will start doing something different for you too…

“Analyzing the board wont help. Your mistake was thinking we’re playing the same game.” -Reina Roja


2015 Store Championship Top 8 (1st seed out of 50)

2015 Minnesota Regionals 2nd Place

Mead Hall League 3-time Champion

2015 Minneapolis ANRPC Qualifier 1st Place

Stimhack OCTGN League 6 1st Place

2016 Store Championship 1st Place (1st seed out of 48)

2016 King of Servers 2nd Place

2017 Store Championship 3rd (1st seed out of 24) and 1st (1st seed out of 26)

Creator of Dumblefork, Destroyer of Metas 🙂

1st Round Inductee into the ANR Hall of Fame

2017 World Championship 7th place (Undefeated King of Swiss)


More Quotes:

“I’m a member of the Cult of Jopp. I just play whatever TheBigBoy says is good.” -Tim Fowler, Worlds 2015 top 8 finisher

“This guy is a genius.” -Ben Ni 2016 Worlds 2nd place finisher

“I notice in this game a lot of people speak with conviction mostly out of their ass. Abram speaks with conviction frequently and is one of a small portion of people I can affirm are not loudly patently wrong.” -Josh Wilson 2016 US National Champion



6 thoughts on “About this Place

  1. Hi Abram, it’s Wilfy here from competitive Netrunner podcast The Winning Agenda. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I love it! I’d like to have you on the show to discuss it if that’s something you’re interested in. I couldn’t see a contact address anywhere but you can message me at the name of my podcast at gmail dot com. Thanks.


  2. Thanks. I’m new to the game, about 3 months, and really need this blog. Finding sites with decks is no problem. Finding a place that explains how to play the deck is almost impossible. This really helps me up my game.


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